When To Call a Professional Mouse Exterminator

By | March 15, 2021

If you are looking forward to killing mice you have in your home, you have two methods of dealing with it: do it yourself or employ the mouse exterminator to do it for you. You should hire the services of an expert if the mouse infestation is serious (you have many mice running around) or you just don’t need to have to deal with eliminating mice. Notwithstanding, here are the steps you should take if you want to get rid of mice in your house…

Clean up the food that is spread around your home and any lodging, which the mice may like. This means that you shouldn’t have casual food lying in and around your home. It also entails that your outside property should be moderately flat. This means no easily reachable firewood, no piles of brush, and no piles of leaves.

Block any holes that you find in your home. You want to block them with some kind of cement. You can get creative and put the glass into that cement. You also have to ensure to inspect your attic as the mouse is known to get up with the help of electric wires. If you can’t handle this approach it is advisable you contact the mouse exterminator to handle this for you.

Don’t use poison but rather a snap trap. You don’t need to use poison because then you’ll get a dead rotting mouse in impossible areas to reach. Simply add some fruit or peanut butter to the trap and dispose of them using gloves and a bag. If you don’t need any extermination involved you can buy a human mousetrap. Simple use your preferred search engine and search for “humane mousetrap”.

How to Choose the Mouse Exterminator

Hiring the mouse exterminator is one of the most effective approaches to deal with a rodent issue. Amateur efforts to control a growing population of mice can waste both money and time. There are lots of extermination companies you can find on the internet but don’t judge a firm by its name alone. Go the smart way by validating their credentials, discussing the condition with them, and following up on their track record.

Like several other professions, the mouse exterminator is required to have a license in most states. His or her official certification documents should be readily available for going-over. If there’s any query about the legality of a possible mouse exterminator, contact the Association of your state Pesticide Control Officials for information on who to speak with within your region in order to confirm these credentials. Moreover, most reliable pest exterminators are insured and bonded in case of unplanned damage to a customer’s house. They may also be linked to a national or regional professional association such as the National Pest Management Association in America.

The mouse exterminator in good standing is likely to guarantee his or her work. Be wary of exterminators that do not back their own services. Guarantees should be involved in your service agreement paperwork but before getting to that stage, demand an in-person assessment of your mice condition. Good exterminators will willingly have an open talk with you to plainly explain the extent of the issue, their strategy for controlling it, and any possible dangers connected to their approaches. It’s advisable to collect bids from many mouse extermination service providers to compare prices, especially if a substantial amount of resources will be devoted to solving your mice problem.

While rate should be considered, don’t go for the mouse exterminator on the basis of price alone. Not every contract is as good as it sounds. Speak to your family and friends to know if they’ve had experience with the exterminator or company as well. If you’re the first among your acquaintances to require the services of a mouse control provider follow-up with their online feedback. A steady stream of negative reviews online is a red flag. You could also request references to call in order to confirm if they are good at work.

Though the crowd of available professional pest control firms may seem intimidating, they can be swiftly narrowed down by a considerable amount of research and conversation. Doing so will ensure you choose the mouse exterminator that will get the job done correctly.


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