What You Don’t Know About Flea Extermination

By | March 4, 2021

Flea extermination has become a great deal in recent times as a lot of people now have pets in their homes and fleas commonly live and grow within the moist and warm animal hairs on the body of a dog or cat for instance. When you allow your pet to run around outside you can be pretty sure that your home will be pest-ridden with fleas and it’s not that easy to exterminate them. It has to involve exterminator flea treatment as you may not be able to handle the control and removal.

It should be noted nevertheless that only about 10 to 15 percent of the fleas are on your dog or cat. The remaining percent which makes up the flea eggs, larvae, and pupa and a few of the mature fleas will live in your bedding, carpets, and living areas so you must take these areas into consideration in your attempt at flea extermination.

We will briefly disclose a few methods on how exterminator flea treatment can help you get rid of fleas.

Pet Flea Control and Treatment

The expert you contact should be able to examine your pets from time to time to see if they carry fleas. A common hiding place for the flea is behind the ears of your pet. Fleas usually have a four-stage life cycle and it is vitally imperative to address all these areas. Many persons erroneously believe that more is better when it comes to using chemicals and treatments for flea termination but this is not the case. Exterminator flea treatment expert will tell you this.

A flea shampoo or bath is commonly a good beginning for pets with a large number of visible fleas on its body. However, this only provides a temporary measure and the fleas can be back within a number of days so it’s not anticipated for lasting control for fleas.

Flea dip is a stronger method to help to get eliminate fleas on your dog or cat and it also can attack any pests on the animal’s body too. Spot-on treatments are alike but normally last around a month as they stop larvae from emerging from the flea egg. Exterminator flea treatment specialists use all these ways to get rid of the nuisance from your home and on your pets.

Flea collars are collars that you attach around the neck of your dog or cat and they emit a toxic gas that is deadly only to fleas. The collars can also be put inside vacuum bags to further kill any fleas when you vacuum your home. Again, these are active for adult fleas.

There is also oral flea treatment that pets can take and these work by preventing the larvae from developing from the flea egg. There is also an injectable medicine specifically for cats. Exterminator flea treatment companies normally apply this type of treatment for a flea. These treatments will not really kill adult fleas but they can help halt the life cycle of the flea when used in tandem with other control and treatments.

Flea Fogger or Flea Bomb

Flea fogger or flea bomb is a more efficient method of addressing the trouble of fleas and will kill fleas and the larvae stage of the flea life cycle. You will have to take out your pets and put all food and plates away and leave the premises for around two hours. After this, you will have to wipe down all food surfaces.

This will kill most of the fleas but not all of them. However, it is one of the more effective ways of getting rid of fleas from your home. You should note that flea bombs can leave a slight deposit and smell in your house so you have to keep your windows open for a while.

Expert Flea Treatment and Extermination

Many people prefer to call expert exterminator flea treatment service providers for their flea problem as they normally have the knowledge and equipment to handle the situation. Before contacting a professional flea exterminator, you should carefully vacuum and clean the carpets and other necessary areas. . You can sprinkle some recommended products on the carpets.

It’s also vital to make sure that your dogs’ or cats’ bedding areas are cleaned with hot water. Once the expert exterminator flea treatment is complete, you should not vacuum or clean your floors for a number of days.

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