What Is The Average Cost Of Flea Extermination?

By | March 6, 2021

Perhaps you’ve attempted do-it-yourself pest control or specifically flea extermination without success, it could be you’re dealing with a disturbing species that has unexpected claimed your house as its own, perhaps you just don’t have time to attempt home treatments – whatever the reason, there is definitely a lot to learn before you employ a professional contractor to handle your home or office’s pest control services. Possibly the first and foremost question you will ask yourself burdens on cost. And it’s definitely a strong aspect to ponder. So, what is the average cost of flea extermination?

The short answer: It differs depending upon a number of factors.

According to Home Guide, the average cost of a flea extermination visit from a specialized contractor was $200 as of January 2020, with a common range between $100 and $270. Meanwhile, HomeAdvisor says the average range for a single visit is between $108 and $260, with the national average at $180.

Those are pretty wide price ranges, but when you think of the wide ranges of the pest control service you need it makes sense.

And that’s why it is vital to know your situation. Answer your pest control requirement first and you will better be able to answer the question: what is the average cost of flea extermination? For instance, termite services will cost absolutely different amounts from flea or cockroach or any eviction. And rodent termination and eviction are different again. The key in deciding these prices is to ask thorough and pointed questions of any potential exterminator.

Also, if you are searching to sign a firm to a yearly contract, one which includes periodic and steady visits by the contractor, the prices range from:

  • Every month: $40 to $45
  • Every two months (semi-monthly): $50 to $60
  • Every three months (quarterly): $100 to $300

There are also three-dimensional questions to ask yourself. In other words, the bigger your home or premises, generally, the more you will spend on the service. For example, flea extermination for a 2,000-square-foot house will cost more than it does for a 1,500-square-foot condo. And some of these service providers even charge an additional $25 for every 1,000 square feet over 1,500. All these factors determine the average cost of flea extermination.

The good news is that most flea control companies offer free, on-site quotes for their services.

As with any contractual condition, you should always look for bids from many firms before making your final decision – and not just for cash. Getting a free quote will also let you determine a number of other factors about the potential exterminator, including demeanor (are they approachable and polite?), professionalism (do they appear and act like they have performed this before?), and rapport (do they approach you and your home/business with respect?).

You can also carry out important research on any potential contractor by looking at their website for certification and licenses. In some countries and states, companies should be certified by the Pest Control Association. They should also be a member of relevant associations in their locations.

Before validating any contract with a pest exterminator, you should also make sure that the person in question will not be considering charging you at any and every chance. Re-treatments, for example, should always be free and covered under the service guarantee. And you should shun any contractor that charges more for same-day or next-day services. You can know the average cost of flea extermination from the service provider by asking them their quotation on your work requirements.

It’s also a good attempt to research any firm flea extermination’s history. In fact, the best idea is that you ask how long the company or individual has been in business at its current address in order to know their longevity and stability. Staying and experience power are always a sign of a strong firm.

Finally, it is always a good step to ask to see a copy of the service provider’s pest control license. You should also ask about the chemical to be used in your house or office and ask how they will be applied. Any flea exterminator worth its salt should be happy and up-front with that information. After all, you want to hire their service.

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