Terminix Flea Treatment Price

By | March 6, 2021

Having a specialized pest control service company can remediate a pest problem or help stop one. Terminix is one of the most famous names in the pest control industry. Our full guide reviews the Terminix flea treatment price, coverage options, and details about Terminix to help you decide if this firm is right for you.

If you’re searching for flea or pest control services, you’ve likely come across Terminix. The household name and industry top leader has been in the pest control practice for over 90 years and serves 2.8 million housing and commercial clients, protecting against fleas, ants, termites,  roaches,

and so much more. Terminix prides itself on its know-how and forward-looking technology—it was the first firm to ever acquire a termite control patent. Despite the firm popularity and professionalism in pest control, the Terminix flea treatment price is still very moderate.

You can give Terminix a 98.5/100 score, the highest any firm in the industry can receive. However, it is always recommended to reach out to multiple firms before making your final decision.

Keep reading our Terminix guide to learn about the firm’s services, and more, and determine if Terminix flea treatment price is right for you.

Terminix prices usually range from $550 to $700 yearly for a 2,000-square-foot household. Mosquito services begin at roughly $60 per month, and tick services begin at around $80 per month. The exact cost of your Terminix treatment will depend on a number of factors.

Invasion—If your house has a full-blown infestation, it will cost more to treat.

Type of pests—Certain pests cost more to eradicate than others.

Size of your house —A larger house will cost more to treat.

Category of treatment—Some wide treatments cost more than less-involved ones.

The number of treatments—The problem that needs follow-up treatments will cost more.

Before giving you a quote for termite or flea treatment, Terminix will have to carry out a free home check to determine the price. That is how to know the Terminix flea treatment price.

Terminix Plans and Services

Terminix provides multiple plans, which vary based on region and local branch accessibility. General Pest Control Plan is provided nationwide and includes quarterly services. For general pest control pricing, you can call your local Terminix branch. In addition to its general Pest Control Plan, Terminix gives either a monthly or one-time mosquito service, or a monthly or one-time tick service.

Pest Control Plan

General Pest Control Plan comprises one full inside and outside check and treatment, seasonal follow-up exterior treatments (scheduled quarterly or bi-monthly), trained and insured experts, and the Terminix Promise.

With the Terminix Promise, Terminix will return to do a checkup and extra treatments at no extra cost if you find that pests have returned between treatments. The Terminix Promise Plus is available for qualifying households under the firm’s Advanced and Premium Plans, meaning that as long as you keep your plan, Terminix will “cover any extra treatments and repair any new pest damage.” You see how the Terminix flea treatment price is fairly enough.

Terminix Quick Guard Mosquito Service

This monthly service uses an active product that eradicates mosquitoes instantly, and is “3 times stronger than a lot of commonly used products on the market,” according to Terminix. After a first check, an expert will create a tailored treatment plan based on places where mosquitoes may live and breed. One treatment will make a protection zone that lasts for weeks, thanks to a special polymer that protects the active ingredient of the product from water and weather.

Tick Defend System

This service’s four-step method targets common species of ticks, using dual-action management of liquid and granules that make a barrier against the pests. The treatments eradicate ticks instantly.

Flea Removal

Terminix offers customized flea treatments to eradicate all fleas where they live and breed. First, a Terminix specialist will carry out a free, thorough assessment of your home, searching for beds, linens, and furniture. Next, the specialist will get rid of visible fleas and treat the area to eliminate any hidden fleas and eggs. Terminix uses a variety of approaches, which may include steam, encasements, and observing devices, as well as its non-toxic solution.

Ask for Terminix flea treatment price today and get rid of the nuisance from your home today.

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