How To Eliminate Argentine Ants

By | March 11, 2021

When looking for ways to effectively getting Argentine ant control it is a good idea to learn one or two things about these pests. Argentine ants are aggressive types of ants. They kill or at least dislodge local ants in the area they occupy, causing a disparity in the local ecosystem. Plants and flowers often depend on local ants to disperse their seeds. Other creatures like spiders and lizards rely on local ants as their food, too.

These ants also cause issues in agriculture. They protect flower and plant pests from their natural predators. To return the favor of such defense, the pests offer a sweet excretion called honeydew to their protectors, the Argentine ants. Scientists call these ants “supercolonies” because one Argentine ant colony will not contend with another Argentine ant colony. In fact, they often unite and cooperate, thus developing a supercolony.

All Argentine ants have very related genetic makeups, which is why if you put an Argentine ant from one place into another colony, it can easily mix and become part of that group.

Argentine Ant Problems: Why You Should Seek Argentine Ant Control Solution

When these Argentine ants attack the house you call home, it really is a serious issue that should be dealt with without wasting time. They not only create their supercolony in your premises, but they too may decide to spread their home into your house. So it is always better to find argentine ant control as quickly as possible.

They will not only consume your sweets and other chocolates. Argentine ants are identified to cause damage to electrical equipment in houses, including electrical wiring, air conditioners, heat pumps, telephone cables, and washing machines. They also manage to go into clothing and cause damage there, too.

If you have a garden and these insects make it their place of abode, appropriate action must be taken in order to eliminate them. Otherwise, your flowers and plants will suffer.

Recognizing Argentine Ants

Before you strive for argentine ant control, you must make sure the ants you see are actually the pests you are searching for.  They might be just your local sociable ants passing by.

An Argentine ant is not that hard to identify. Worker ants, the ones you will commonly see looking for food, are about 3 millimeters long and their queens are 4 times their size. Worker ants are usually light to dark brown in color and commonly have spots. Ants, just like all insects, have three body parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen.

These ants possess antennae that are strongly poked and have an obvious bump or node on their thorax, immediately before their abdomen. Their thorax has a rough surface, even when seen from the side. Another characteristic of these ants is the musky scent they release if crushed.

Once you have recognized the ants as Argentine ants, then you can safely continue with getting Argentine ant control solutions.

The Proper Method for Argentine Ant Control

Eliminating Argentine ants is not as easy as getting rid of other insects that attack homes. A simple can of insecticide or raid is not effective on Argentine ants and will even multiple the problems.

It is not that Argentine ants are immune to common insecticides; those chemicals will eradicate the ants, but not all of them. Worker ants, the ones you normally see, are the ones getting killed. In response to the dropping in their population, the Argentine super colony ant queens will lay new eggs.

When ants notice the residual atoms of insecticide, they will get tense and split up the colony, spreading to other parts of your house while increasing in numbers. After you spray the pesticide, you may have made your case worse.

You may think that in order to eliminate these pests, you must kill their queen. That is true, but you don’t need to go Elmer Fudd on your home by tearing it down just to discover the queen or queens. The best method to kill those queen ants is to use bait, a slow type of toxic that the worker ants will mistake for food sustenance and carry back to their lair.

These toxins may take up to a week to wipe out the Argentine ants in your house, depending on their numbers. For the bait to be more effective, you must know their ant trails and place the poison nearby.

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