Fire Ants – The Facts You Need to Know About Them

By | March 7, 2021

If you are being faced with fire ants in your home now you must be very worried. Fire ants no doubt are some of the most destructive pests on this planet! They may not cause structural damages like carpenter ants, but there are several other worries to consider when you are dealing with these ants. If you live in Canada or some other cold-weather climate, you perhaps don’t have anything to worry about, but much of the United States is now dealing with fire ants. There are 4 species of fire ants in the United States, but the red imported fire ant is the most common type seen in the southeastern United States. They are taking over the other types native to the United States, and they are reproducing with the black imported fire ants too. If your house has been infested with fire ants your next action should be to seek fire ant extermination solutions.

As time marches on, these insects are scattering throughout the southeastern and southern United States. They have also spread as far west as California and as far north as Maryland. The biggest problem with this pest for humans is that it can bite you and cause a painful sting. This is why they are referred to as fire ants. They also cause sizable crop losses and livestock losses for farmers.

When these ants bite you, they release venom that some persons are allergic to. While most persons react normally to the bites, other people have to be much more careful. If you mistakenly step into one of their mounds, you could get bites all over your legs. These bites can become scars if the bites become disease-ridden. Every person reacts differently to the bites, but these ants can cause more issues for humans than your typical stinking house ants or even carpenter ants. Look for fire ant extermination if you have observed the presence of these ants in your home.

Fire ants are much more aggressive than other ants. If you see a mound sitting in your own backyard or on the side of the road, it is better to leave it alone if you don’t know anything about fire ant extermination. You will require having particular treatment products to successfully eliminate fire ants. Once you have the products and the right equipment you need to get rid of the pest, then you can start the process of exterminating the colony.

Why Fire Ants Are Dangerous

Like a lot of us, these ants will try anything to defend their homes. To help in the aggressive protection of their houses, they are equipped with stingers on their abdomens. These stingers are laced with solenopsin, poisonous venom which has the power to kill other pests and small animals. When a human being is stung by fire ants, it can cause reactions ranging from a terrible burning sensation at the sting to serious reactions in sensitive or allergic individuals. You can use fire ant extermination to keep the dangerous pest away from your home.

The trouble finally arises when the ants are provoked. Any disorder to their nest causes the colony to go on red alert and attempt to destroy whatever they think is attacking their house. A signal goes out, and the ants’ group, aggressively stinging any foreign creature or object in hope of making it leaves the colony alone. This instant and violent group reaction can be especially perilous if pets, small kids, or sensitive individuals are on the receiving end of the ant attack.

A lot of people have trouble classifying fire ants from other traditional ants. It is vital you know for sure what kinds of ants you are dealing with. You can call a professional fire ant extermination service provider to help you with this. If you see an ant mound on your premises, take a stick and disturb the dirt in the top of the mound. Stick the branch inside the mound and go away fast. Traditional ants will rush out to protect the queen, but aggressive fire ants will climb up the stick to attack it as they perceive it as a threat to the colony.

Fire ants have been recognized to eat small animals like snakes, mice, and turtles. They love other vegetation, and they aggressively consume other crops too. As soon as you recognize that they are located in your premises, farm, or even inside your house, you should immediately seek the service of Fire Ant Extermination Company if you cannot handle the removal yourself.

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