Amazing Facts About Fire Ant

By | March 6, 2021

Earlier in the 1990s, fire ants were a real serious issue in Florida.  Part of the trouble was that these ants are not native to Florida so there wasn’t a natural predicator that fire ant control near me service providers can use to control the population.

Some were suspicious of this change when a particular type of fly, call phorid flies, also known as “brain-eating flies,” was presented in Florida. This fly, native to South America, kills fire ants by beheading them. It was a concept first studied and presented by the U.S. DA of the agriculture research center in Gainesville, Florida. Care was made to make sure that the phorid flies wouldn’t kill ants that are native to the U.S, which could distraught nature, and the delicate balance of the ecosystem. This control was totally under the government institute and not for the fire ant control near me companies.

This same trial was also done in Georgia, another state where fire ants are dominant. It began around 2003 in Taliaferro County, with just two-dozen stockings number of flies. The procedure involved the flies’ larvae being injected into the fire ants’ brains. The parasites sooner or later overtook the ants.

While cause and effect prove there could very well be a link with the sudden drop in fire ants, many more testing must be carried out before researchers can determine exactly what has caused the fire ants to die off. In the meantime, routine seeking for the help of fire ant control near me is advised to keep houses, offices, and large grassy areas of property free from fire ants.

One of a homeowner’s worst troubles is having any sort of pest or insect problem. Although most of these creatures are not hazardous, fire ants can be very unsafe to both human beings and animals including human adults and children. When you see an insect case in or around your house, it is always imperative to find out what type of pest it is in order to know how to best defend your home and eradicate the pest population.

Here is a guide to recognizing fire ants and tips on how to keep them out of your house and away from your surroundings.

Fire ants are recognized by their reddish-brown to reddish-black color and the stinger positioned on the backside of their bodies. These ants can vary in sizes ranging from 1.6mm to 5mm. These pests naturally nest in the ground, but the nests can become noticeable above ground and can hold colonies of up to 250,000 ants. These pests are very hostile, known to be on the attack and sting or bite when they feel exposed. These ants are also omnivorous, meaning they will eat both vegetable and animal sources for food. If you are afraid of nearing the ants’ colony you can contact fire ant control near me service to help you in identifying the pest.

While they are not native to North America, they have become growing trouble throughout the southern regions of the country. This species likes sunning, warm weather conditions and will live in dry fields instead of shady wooded areas. These creatures will thrive in uninhabited areas, can grow colonies of over many hundred thousand ants, and build mounds that can be up to over 60cm wide and up to 18cm high. While the colony may be huge, each group is controlled by a single queen. Fire ant control near me company can enlighten you more on the ants’ characteristics.

There are numerous signs that may show an infestation. First, the presence of sandy mounds throughout the property can show a colony has taken root; these are most easily noticeable after rainfall. Another main indicator is the presence of the worker ants or complaints of bites from an unknown source. Infestations should be handled with seriousness perhaps by a professional fire ant control near me company.

The best prevention way you can take for these ants is to contact a fire ant control near me service provider to do an inspection of the house and environment and property as well as setting up a treatment program that is done on a regular basis.

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