Carpenter Ant Pest Control

By | March 7, 2021

Carpenter ants are large black and brown or black ants. They are most lively during the evening hours, especially during the warm summer times. They are called carpenter ants because of their pattern of hollowing out wood to make a nesting site.

We don’t run into carpenter ant pest all that often. They are not a major pest issue in many areas such as the San Joaquin Valley floor. They are, however, a very serious pest issue to structures in our mountain home areas, such as Bass Lake, Shaver Lake, Yosemite, Huntington Lake, etc. They are also a major insect problem in the damp Pacific Northwest areas of Oregon, Washington, and Northern California.

Carpenter ants are large ants that make semi-permanent colonies. They burrow into wood to build nesting galleries. Although they do not really eat the wood (like termites do), they manage to do substantial damage when situations are right. Usually, the major colony will be in a damp place. The queen needs a damp environment to raise her brood. An old rotten log or tree stump could be an excellent place for a queen carpenter ant pest to set up housework.

In addition to the major, breeding colony, they also build “satellite colonies” during the summer months. A satellite colony may be several yards away from the main colony. When set up within the attic of a house or dry walls, the satellite colony rarely does any significant damage to the woodwork. But, if the woodwork is moist due to high humidity, a drip, or other moisture sources, a breeding colony may establish in the house. Then this ant pest can become very destructive.

Occasionally during the spring periods, Carpenter ants will set up a satellite colony inside a house. The fledgling winged males will arise and fly around the house. When this occurs it commonly prompts a fright call to pests exterminator. These are “false alarm” termite swarmer calls.

Ants are quite easy to differentiate from termites. Ants are interrelated to bees and wasps. Termites are not interrelated to ants at all. They belong to a totally different group of insects. A trained set of eyes can differentiate the two very fast.

Carpenter ant infestations may be controlled by either a general pest control firm or an ant pest control company. If treating the case is within the scope of what you can handle you do it yourself or you call an experts pests exterminator to help you out. If it would be better handled by a professional pest control company we will advise that the work be given to them.

Ant Pest Controls – When All Else Fails

For many people, ant pest controls are nothing more than home solutions that fail. Although there are numerous home remedies that perform wonders, not all of them will do well for getting rid of ants. For true ant control, it is vital that you call in the experts to handle it. Even if you prefer to use natural approaches to treat the ants, the experts are the best way to go.

There are a few issues with using natural or home solutions for ant control. You are only treating a spot where you think the ants are coming into your house. An expert will treat all of the spots where the ants might be gaining entry into your home as well as treating the issue as a whole and totally removing the desire for the ants to reenter your house.

It is also just as essential that you know what species of pest control service you are searching for. For instance, do you have a preference for one way of eliminating the ants? If you rather have a natural method to the ant trouble you need to make sure the firm you are thinking about hiring provides what you are looking for.

This is especially vital if you have pets or kids in your home. Chemicals can be hazardous to animals and kids if they are exposed to them. So, you should make it a point to recognize the tactic the pest control expert is going to use for your ant pest controls.

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