Best Recommended Raccoon and Squirrel Removal Techniques and Steps

By | May 5, 2021

Raccoons and Squirrels are very malicious creatures that can cause much trouble around you home.

 Note that these animals can cause many problems in and around your home as they especially love to snack on seedlings, fruits and vegetables. They can readily wreak havoc on your garden. These pests can be especially dangerous when they get inside your house because they love to chew on electrical wiring and that’s exactly what happened to me. The squirrels chewed up all the wiring underneath my solar panels and it cost me a fortune to have everything replaced.

 In this post we shall take a look on steps on how on to get rid of Raccoons and Squirrels from our houses.

 These animals are fond of hiding in the attic or other hidden holes around the house. Follow the outline steps below to get rid of these little annoying creatures:

 1.Try To Identify All Their Entry Points

 Typically, most of their entry point is usually near your attic or chimney. Shutting down or closing these paths is the first step to eliminating Raccoons and Squirrels from gaining access to your home.

 2. Listen for sounds of the raccoon in your attic and enter to observe any sounds.

If you already have them habiting inside the house, then its time to recognize their existence. It is possible to confuse these creatures with the sound of other ones say like rat or rabbit. Raccoons sound more like an owl with a distinctive chittering and screeching noise. You could also hear the cries and chatter of the young, which will be necessary to identify the nest. When you enter to observe the attic it’s likely that you’ll, find the mother holding her ground and the babies as well.

 3. Try intimidating the mother

 This can be with your physical presence, and if that doesn’t work, then you can use raccoon eviction fluid and that should do the trick.

 4. Remove the baby raccoons by hand

The baby can be really small so try as much as you can to handle them with extra care. Either way when you see them, try to move them into some sort of comfortable space like a bucket or box. Next, move the babies into a cage with a divider. Putting the babies in a cage will lure the mother into the trap. The cage should be a steel trap, at least 12 inches by 32 inches. Trapping the mother in the cage ensures you reunite the mother with her young ones and then relocate them to at least ten miles from your house.

 5. Seal off all their entry points depending on the size and location of the hole. You can use different materials to do this.

 6. Clean up and repair any damages done.

This includes cleaning the faeces, repairing any broken wires, open air, shafts, etc.

 I hope these Raccoon and Squirrel Removal Techniques helps you in getting rid of those annoying pests from you home. As additional tips, you may want to also try using the ULTIMATE Squirrel Repellent to get rid of any kind of Squirrel from your house. See reviews of the ULTIMATE Squirrel Repellent.

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